An unforgettable destination,
rich in cultural attractions

Live the
great outdoors

Be transported into the mythical universe of Nord-du-Québec and enjoy the accessible beauties it has to offer. Explore this territory rich in adventure where Nordic fauna and Cree and Inuit culture have coexisted for millennia. Experience an immersion in the heart of Nordic traditions, surrounded by passionate people who will take you off the beaten track for a truly authentic journey. Let us be your guide!

By foot
or on water

Meander through majestic rivers aboard the boat of your choice. Kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts, discover the amazing natural beauty all around you on your journey. If you prefer walking, the setting is ideal, with miles of trails to discover! Keep your eyes peeled for Arctic wildlife along the way.

From up

Discover the vast territories of the North, full of riches that amaze the eyes and the mind. In the face of this immensity, you will feel small, but the memories will be larger than life. Get your fill of beauty and play explorer aboard a seaplane.


Get a front row seat to wildlife observation in all its splendour. All you have to do is roam the territory to cross a migration of caribou or small herds of muskoxen. Whales, polar bears and seals are also part of the traditional arctic landscape.

and tradition

From guides to locals, art galleries and museums, see how local heritage is passed on and preserved. Meet people and discover works that embody a unique way of life and a rich culture with deep roots in this part of the land. Learn more about the habits and customs passed down from generation to generation through culture, gastronomy and closeness with nature.

In the

Sleeping in an igloo, going on a snowmobile trip and ice fishing are just some of the proposed activities to fully enjoy the winter pleasures of Quebec’s Great North. How about a sighting of the annual caribou migration, a unique phenomenon where herds of more than 400,000 animals criss-cross the icy territory. The North is full of surprises!

Northern Lights

Although certain periods are more properties, it is possible to observe the northern lights throughout the year! This heavenly spectacle is a magical Nordic experience that will make your trip even more special.