Ungava Adventures invites you to discover the vast Arctic land of Ungava Bay. Helen Falls Lodge is renowned for the best Atlantic salmon fishing destination. Discover our all-inclusive package Safari Tour and Hunting, Fishing and Nordic Safari by helicopter, and the Salmon Fishing package. In addition to our incomparable quality lodging, you could enjoy the Far North where abound polar bears, Arctic wolfs, caribous, muskox. It is also possible to hunt black bear, migratory birds and ptarmigan

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Star species

Arctic char (freshwater)

– Atlantic salmon

Activities (Summer)

  • ATV with guideATV with guide
  • Clay shootingClay shooting
  • Guided sea kayakingGuided sea kayaking
  • Guided wildlife observationGuided wildlife observation
  • Plane / floatplane excursionPlane / floatplane excursion



Hélène Falls, Georges River, Weymouth Inlet

N 58.21486 W 65.82070



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